The aircraft propeller is one of the most stressed components on the aircraft. The propeller blades are subject to a number of forces during its operation. Thrust bending, centrifugal and aerodynamic twisting, torque bending and vibratory forces. The propeller hub is subject to the Centrifugal force of the blades acting to pull away during operation.

Southern Propeller Services uses specialist equipment, calibrated tooling and processes in the inspection and overhaul of aircraft propellers. During the overhaul process, blades are measured for serviceability, the propellers are dismantled, stripped of protective coatings and inspected. Any rework required is carried out, the components have protective coatings applied, painted and reassembled with mandatory replacement parts. All work is carried out in accordance with the appropriate manufacturers overhaul manuals.

We stock a large range of parts required for repairs and overhauls to minimize turnaround times.

Composite Blade Overhaul

Southern Propeller Services has state of the art facilities to carry out composite blade overhauls for MT Propellers. This includes erosion shield replacements for both nickel and stainless steel shields. We carry an extensive range of erosion shields to cover most blade models to minimise downtime. All staff have been factory trained and endorsed by MT Propeller in Germany.

Non-Destructive Testing

Southern Propeller Services has in-house capability for Non-Destructive testing. These methods are used extensively throughout the propeller overhaul process. The staff have been trained and approved by a Qualified Level 3 under AS3669. The methods covered are:

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Process for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. Detection of the discontinuities is achieved by establishing a magnetic field in the test part, applying magnetic particles to the surface which collect at the site of the discontinuity.

Fluorescent Particle Inspection

Fluorescent Dye is applied to the surface of the test piece. The part is inspected under black light to detect flaws in non-ferromagnetic parts.

Eddy Current Inspection

Process for using electromagnetic induction to detect surface and subservice flaws in conductive materials.

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Southern Propeller Services is a specialist propeller maintenance company established in 2004. The main facility is located at Parafield Airport South Australia. This facility is approximately 1200 m2 in size and accommodates all required specialist equipment for the propeller maintenance processes.

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